5 Evolving Ways Businesses Are Back to Work in the Office

Two co-workers wearing face masks and working on computers next to each other.
Source: RoadLight via Pixabay

1. Most Employees Can Work Remotely Most of the Time

2. Smart Sensors Like Touchless Temperature Sensors Make Buildings Safer

“Installing sensors throughout a space can enable a range of services.”

3. Advanced Room Booking Keeps In-Person Meetings Safe

“Many businesses are considering room booking technology to assist in spacing employees out better than with older solutions.”

4. Technology Helps Stagger the Return to Work

“A variety of workplace safety apps have emerged that enable employers to develop schedules for employees returning to the office.”

5. Hybrid Meetings with Both In-Person and Online Participants Ease the Transition

“As validated by BCG, many employers are living this hybrid way of working and believe it will stay.

The Takeaway: Together, Technology and Policies Make Returning to Work Possible



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Chuck Piccirillo

Chuck Piccirillo


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